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The magic that surrounds the rich heritage, lush grounds and sense of tradition that emanates from Green Spring Valley Hunt Club dates all the way back to 1892.

It all started when the members of the Green Spring Valley Hounds were challenged to a timber race by the members Elkridge Fox Hunting Club to determine the relative merits of the local hunting horses. Imagine the excitement of that first race!

The following year, members of fox hunting clubs throughout the state were invited to participate and what started as the local friendly competition was the beginning of what would become the renowned Hunt Cup, a highly anticipated annual equestrian event. The kennels of the hounds, which were used in the chase, were kept on the original tract of land for many years but were eventually moved to the Worthington Valley now known as the Upper Club with the present club known as the Lower Club.

In 1912 thanks to the generosity of members Thomas Bowles and Hooper Coyne who gifted the club $4500, the land was bought to build a 9 hole golf course. Laid out by members Ben Read and Robert Harrison the course opened for play on Saturday, July 4, 1914. Just over 43 years later, under the direction of Lawrason Riggs and Jess W. Sweetser with design by Robert Trent Jones, the course reopened to its current glorious18 holes. 6574 yards long from the blue tees and 6164 from whites.

Today the Lower Club is home to an enthusiastic golf and tennis community serving its members many of whom are the children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of the original 80 members. A heritage that is highly valued in everything we do.